The Full Story


Shearwater Recruitment – An Isle of Man founded recruitment agency changing how you recruit and how you’re recruited. Together, we can be exceptional.


Shearwater Recruitment’s mission statement is to aid all people from all backgrounds to find inspiring opportunities, with clarity and simplicity.


Shearwater Recruitment was founded by two young Manx professionals looking to shake up the recruitment industry through the use of technology and automation.

Shearwater Recruitment is a global professional services recruitment consultancy with a global footprint spanning from UK, Channel Islands, Europe, and Asia.

Shearwater Recruitment applies targeted marketing systems to reach the best networks in order to attract the best candidates. We apply generous referral schemes for every candidate placed.

Shearwater Recruitment hold an international presence around the world to help businesses fulfil executive positions so that companies can achieve their annual objectives.

Our Promise to You
Get the best career advice at Shearwater Recruitment. We have an educational background in each discipline or industry experience. We take the time to listen to your long-term ambitions and provide you with solutions to reach them.