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Job Description

A senior corporate associate is an experienced attorney who specializes in corporate law and plays a crucial role in providing legal services to corporate clients. They typically work in law firms, corporate legal departments, or consulting firms. 


  • Legal Advisory: As a senior corporate associate, you will provide expert legal advice and guidance to clients on complex corporate matters. This includes advising on corporate governance, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, securities regulations, intellectual property, contracts, and employment law. You will analyze legal issues, conduct research, and provide practical solutions to help clients make informed decisions.
  • Transactional Work: Senior corporate associates are involved in various corporate transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, and financing deals. You will participate in due diligence investigations, draft and review transactional documents (e.g., purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements, and financing documents), negotiate terms and conditions, and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting: You will negotiate, review, and draft complex contracts and agreements on behalf of clients. This includes commercial contracts, licensing agreements, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and other business-related contracts. Your role is to ensure that contracts are legally sound, protect the interests of clients, and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Corporate Governance: Senior corporate associates provide advice on corporate governance matters, including board meetings, corporate policies, shareholder rights, and executive compensation. You will assist in drafting corporate policies and bylaws, ensuring compliance with corporate governance standards, and resolving disputes related to corporate governance issues.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Senior corporate associates help clients navigate complex regulatory frameworks and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. You will monitor changes in regulations, assess their impact on clients’ operations, and provide advice on compliance strategies. You may also assist in obtaining necessary licenses, permits, and approvals from regulatory authorities.
  • Legal Research and Analysis: You will conduct thorough legal research, analyze statutes, regulations, and case law, and stay updated on legal developments and industry trends relevant to corporate law. Your research and analysis will support the development of legal strategies and the provision of sound advice to clients.
  • Team Management and Mentoring: As a senior corporate associate, you may be responsible for supervising and mentoring junior associates, paralegals, and support staff. You will provide guidance, assign tasks, review work product, and ensure the effective management of projects and deadlines.
  • Client Relationship Management: You will build and maintain strong relationships with clients, understanding their business objectives, and providing responsive and efficient legal services. You will communicate complex legal concepts clearly and effectively, addressing client concerns, and managing client expectations.
  • Continuing Education and Professional Development: As a senior corporate associate, you will stay updated on changes in laws and regulations, emerging legal trends, and industry best practices. You will participate in continuing legal education programs, professional development activities, and industry events to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Juris Doctor (JD) degree and admission to the bar.
  • Extensive experience (typically 4-7 years) in corporate law practice.
  • Strong knowledge of corporate law, contract law, securities regulations, and relevant business laws.
  • Excellent analytical, research, and problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Strong negotiation and drafting skills for complex legal documents.

Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines effectively.

Leadership and team management skills.

Client-focused approach with excellent interpersonal skills.

Ethical conduct and maintaining client confidentiality.

Salary: £58,535 to 60,000 Per Year

Job Summary

Isle of Man
Ref ID: 4257
£58,535 to 60,000 Per Year