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Job Description

Job Purpose

This job involves leading the Compliance and Risk Team to provide an efficient service to the Firm, by displaying a high level of

technical knowledge and managerial expertise. You will promote a culture which fosters engaged and positive people by ensuring

the team works in an effective and well-motivated manner, maintaining a good level of team spirit and staff morale.

You will display excellent communication with clients, Directors, team members, other colleagues and professionals at all times.

In partnership with People & Culture and Learning & Development, you will competently manage staff performance through the

PAD process, set clear aims and objectives, coach and monitor their progress on a regular basis to ensure that team members

develop to the required standard set out in the SC competency framework and financial and chargeable time budgets are adhered


You will ensure that you maintain confidentiality of information at all times.

Corporate & Professional Responsibilities

• To promote and support the aims and image of the firm.

• To develop and maintain effective working relationship with all colleagues.

• To co-operate with colleagues to promote an open and supportive environment.

• To carry out duties in a careful and professional manner, acting in a way that supports and upholds the reputation of

the business.

• Be a role model for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.

• Establish and develop working relationships based on confidence, trust and respect, exhibiting professional and

personal integrity at all times.

Job Responsibilities/Accountabilities


• Assist the Compliance and Risk Director in developing, administering and monitoring internal policies and procedures

to ensure compliance with applicable legislation, regulation and licence requirements.

• Monitor and control the AML/CFT and Admin Review Programme, utilising available resources within the team to

provide an efficient service to the rest of the office.

• Display a sound knowledge of all office policies and procedures and bring any anomalies, problems or necessary

updates to the attention of the Compliance and Risk Director.

• Act as Nominated Officer whenever necessary in the absence of the MLRO.

• Maintain a good team spirit and staff morale, providing help and support to team members as necessary.

• Display good communication with team members, managers, directors and other colleagues and be professional at all


• Set clear aims and objectives for yourself and your staff in consultation with the Compliance and Risk Director and

establish an effective method of monitoring progress, providing the Compliance and Risk Director with feedback. Reset

objectives as necessary in consultation with the Compliance and Risk Director.

Main Duties

• Assess the risk ratings and risk criteria that should be in operation within the firm, reviewing from time to time against

GFSC and other relevant requirements.

• Maintaining all Compliance related Registers.

• Ensure the information required to complete the risk profiling spreadsheet is kept up to date and meets current


• Regularly assess country risk profiles, checking with external and internal data sources to ensure we have up to date


• In relation to the risk based monitoring programme, collate information received from Reviewers, ensuring that remedial

action points arising from the reviews are accurately categorised under our RAG system. Maintain spreadsheets which

provide Team Managers with current information on the review programme, keeping track of all outstanding issues and

providing advice on rectification. Alert the Compliance and Risk Director to any particular problems or concerns as

necessary and provide recommendations to improve procedures/controls as appropriate. Provide a quarterly report for

the Board of Directors.

• Maintain Breaches Registers for all breaches other than those under our POI licences. Monitor progress towards

resolution of those breaches and provide advice on rectification. Alert the Compliance and Risk Director to any repeated

breaches and recommend appropriate action. Provide a quarterly report for the Board of Directors.

• Monitor and collate information from the new client review, cold review and spot-check programmes, bringing any

particular concerns to the attention of the Compliance and Risk Director.

• At regular intervals and taking into account results from the review programme, review the content of the review

checklists and provide recommendations for improvements.

• Provide training and guidance to the team on developments to the monitoring system and any new or amended


• Deal with the receipt of Suspicious Activity Reports in the absence of the MLRO, ensuring that procedures relating to

receipt are followed, reasons for decisions made are documented and prompt disclosure is made to the FIS if


• Provide recommendations to the Compliance and Risk Director regarding introduction of or amendments to our office

forms, checklists and guidance notes.

• Develop a system to monitor the quality of work produced by the review team, regularly assessing their reviews and

alerting the Compliance and Risk Director to any inconsistencies.

• Arrange regular meetings with the team to discuss relevant issues; collate ideas and develop best practice.

• Review new business packs and trigger event packs submitted to the department for approval. Carry out necessary

investigations and checks as appropriate. Document decision to approve having established that all current

requirements and procedures have been met.

• Ensure technical knowledge is kept up to date and attend any relevant courses.

• Maintenance of the Vigilance Policies Manual.

• Assist in any other relevant duties as requested by the Compliance and Risk Director.

Key Attributes


• Have in-depth compliance and technical expertise


• Relevant Compliance qualification or appropriate years’ knowledge/experience in a senior Compliance role

• A Compliance professional with a proven track record of delivering service excellence to high quality standards


• Excellent communication skills and ability to develop effective relationships at all levels

• Effective organisational and planning skills

• Accuracy and attention to detail

• Proficient in all relevant IT programmes


• Dedicated and highly professional approach with total commitment to best practice with a pro-active approach

• Ability to work independently, use initiative and to prioritise work

• Ability to work in a timely manner and to meet deadlines when under pressure

• Supporting approach regarding management decisions


• Approval authority – N/A • No direct reports

Regulatory Requirements

• Demonstrate full adherence to all GFSC, statutory, regulatory and data protection requirements.

Possible next career steps include (if applicable)

Associate Director

Salary: NA

Job Summary

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